Should I Use Wordpress?

Is Wordpress the best solution for all websites?

I decided after spending lots of time building personal projects and learning that I did not want to devote myself to learning one tool. I instead focus on the fundamentals of building websites and change the tools as I need them. While wordpress is an amazing tool it is definitely not necessary for every website.

Have you ever seen a mechanic fix car with one tool? How about a construction worker build a house with a swiss army knife? Like I said above just because its a good tool does not mean it should be used for a particular job.

Wordpress is massive, what I mean by that is the amount of code at the core of every wordpress site has over 1,000,000 lines of code! According to Open Hub's Project Cost Calculator, it would take one person over 300 years to write that many lines of code. While this is a great achievement just think about what that means when you need wordpress to due something that it normally does not do or is not good at doing?

When you need to do something outside of normal wordpress you must either use a plugin (which can be free or pay as you go) or hire an expert. Experts that are familiar with the behemoth tool that is wordpress can be quite expensive.

Wordpress is a great tool but ask yourself first what am I building?

  • What is my website for?
  • How will my customers interact with my website?
  • Do I want to learn how to use Wordpress?

Thank you for reading and if you need any help building/fixing your website please contact me for a consultation