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👋About Me👋

Hi! My name is Andrew and I love designing, building, and increasing a business's digital footprint. I have been using my skill for personal projects but have decided to employ them in a way that is mutual to both the community and myself. This is why I started Web Sage! I build modern websites that are fast, look great on phones and desktops, and that has amazing SEO from the start.

⚡ Built For Speed ⚡

I use special tools to build websites designed to be extremely Fast ⏩ from the ground up. You never have to worry 😌 about the speed of your website again. Why is speed so important? Do you like waiting for websites to load? Do you enjoy waiting up to 5 seconds while you are trying to get more info on a company or buy something? No one does and this goes double for google. When Google indexes your site the longer it takes to load the further down you go in their search rankings. So a slow website is not just annoying it is actually costing you money because customers either can't find you or won't wait for you.

📱 Modern & Mobile📱

There are too many websites built that are not optimized for Mobile platforms 😡. This is very frustrating for a majority of your customers which is why I build for mobile platforms first 🎉. This does not mean I forget about computers it just means I design websites with consistent designs no matter the screen size! This makes it far easier to navigate your website for customers and search engines. Do you want your Customers to wait till they are sitting down at a computer before they decided to buy or visit your business? Neither do I.

🔒Security & Scalability🔒

Security is great when there is no server to Hack 🙌! My sites are hosted in the cloud and scale from small business to large, handling tons of web Traffic 🚦 with no issues. The websites I build are lightweight and do not require a server to run 24/7. Instead, small lightweight copies of your website are spread out strategically all over the world ensuring that when someone visits they get the closest copy of your site available.

🔎Seo & Optimization🔎

Built to meet modern web standards from the start with great Optimization and Performance out of the box 📦 making it much easier for Google to index 🗃 your website so when customers search for you nothing is in the way. I do not offer websites with anything lower than an A rating from google. I cringe every time I see a website that does not meet my performance standards and you will never get anything less than excellence from me.

⏩ What's Next ⏩

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